Bluffton Redoubt

I certainly managed to drop the ball relative to this blog. After Winter Park we traveled to St Augustine, St Simons Island, Bluffton, SC then Columbia MD. Although I didn’t mention it earlier, the purpose of the trip, in addition to seeing friends, was to explore places as a retirement location.

When we got to Bluffton, Tina and I both rekindled our liking of the place. Bluffton feels comfortable, and a really nice place to be. We looked at a number of living options. Then I amazed Tina by saying “well, let’s do it”. Up to that moment Tina (and I as well) thought that this trip would end with no decision as to a change. We bid on a cottage like the one we were staying at. We didn’t get it. Then the agent we were using told us about a larger “Carriage House” that was about to come on the market. We were traveling again on our way to Maryland, the agent was flying to Texas but we negotiated an offer that was accepted all parties remote. We have not seen the place but we are buying it. This place is better for our circumstance: three bedrooms and a garage. The cottage did not have a garage and was a two bedroom unit. I would attach photos if I had any.

I will post more about this adventure.