Settling in

Thought I would start a new post as our stay in Kalamata will be a week. We will be checking out of the resort and going to an apartment. We will be closer to Greek life and away from German tourists. Don’t know if that will be good or bad. I did discover a new character flaw that I have. When I hear Germans speaking, in my mind I think that they are plotting the invasion of Poland.

Last evening Tina’s cousins took us to one of their favorite restaurants. What a great feast we had. They are a great family. Their son, Panioki, speaks great English. Their daughter, Angeliki, is also very good actually excellent considering that she is just thirteen (not sure of the spelling of Greek names). The food was delicious and seemed to keep coming and coming. I truly hope that we will be able to repay their great kindness and generous hospitality.

For sunny hot weather, this is probably not the optimal time of year to come to Greece. Mostly overcast and in the 60’s. Not really unpleasant but jacket weather. It looks like the natives are getting ready for the huge influx of tourists that will be happening in a month. Pools and decks are getting a good cleaning, new stain on the outside woodwork. Also, the locals will soon migrate from the beach side cafes to the in town cafes. Speaking of cafes, I note that there is a remarkable difference in prices between the beach side cafes and the in town cafes.

I also note that the architecture here is different from the expected while washed structures. Here it is Phoenecian in character.

Made it to our new digs. Top floor with a huge patio/terrace. Next to where the cruise ships dock.

Seeing the cruise ship reminded me of times when I was a lad living in Eureka, California. Dad was fascinated with ships. He would take me to the docks when a large cargo ship was in port. Dad would talk his way onto the ship and he and I would get a grand tour of the vessel. Sometimes he would invite one of the crew home for a dinner with our family. With the world being so very security conscious now, I doubt that such an adventure would be possible these days.

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