Last days in Kalamata

Kalamata is truly a gem of a place to visit. It is a well developed destination with all the facilities for a pleasant visit but seems to be ignored by vast crowds. That will probably change now that cruise ships are visiting the city. My opinion is influenced by the tremendous hospitality of Tina’s family. But, €40 for a penthouse apartment with a huge balcony overlooking the harbor surely cannot be matched many places. We are steps away from great shops, great restaurants, great cafes, and bakeries that are good beyond description. Although, our experience with the restaurants is limited due to the tremendous hospitality of Tina’s family.Could not get an extra night in our penthouse apartment. So we checked into a hotel close by; fancier but not as cozy an no view of the sea. This room like the one at the Horizon Blu has a glassed in shower. There is a shade that can be drawn for privacy; however, I don’t see the point of the glass. Maybe it’s a European thing. I truly doubt that Tina wants to watch me shower.Had a pretty low key day. Went to the beach and had lunch at a small cafe.We will be meeting Ioannis and Kiki this evening to say our goodbyes. They have made this visit to Greece truly remarkable. It was sad to say goodbye. However, our time here has made us want to come back to Kalamata. Had dinner with Ioannes and Kiki’s family. I would add another picture but I now have too many of eating.Tomorrow we will be back on the bus to Athens for the night and then on to Santorini.Ioannis and Kiki met us with Piniaotis to take us to the bus. Ioannis gave me a komboloi (set of worry beads) as a parting gift. Kiki gave Tina one along with some food gifts and treats for the trip.Made it back to Athens without a hitch. Took the express bus, much better, only three hours. Staying at the same hotel, the Attalos. Even have the same room with the wonderful view of the Acropolis.

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