Going Home

We are nearing the end of our time in Santorini. Looking forward to getting home; however, there is a sadness about facing the end of the time here. Now I have to start thinking about my cataract surgery, arranging for wifi etc. having cut the cable when we left and getting a new clothes washer; ours failed the day before we left.On this trip we have seen some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet and we have seen some of the the most beautiful and celebrated works of art created by man. Recognizing that and having said that, I believe that the most memorable part of our time here has been the people. Seeing Jim in Rome was great as well as seeing Tina’s cousins in Kalamata. We had great tour guides. We had conversations with young professionals and students at all stops. All wait staff, hotel workers and cab drivers were talkative and fun.Got to the hotel about 1:00 am. Caught a few hours sleep and back to the airport. Through check in, security, immigration, a second security: whew! Bought passes for the lounge to relax a little before our flight.

Eight flights, two bus trips, and eight different hotels – do I get an award?

And away we go.

Well, we made it home. Back to Panera for breakfast.

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