Ireland is on the horizon

For some reason this has been a most difficult post to write. There has been so very much happening. The trip to Ireland is getting near. Emma has been visiting from Vietnam with her friend James. Prep for Ireland is starting in earnest.

Summer has delayed my usual early prep for long treks. Activities with Emma and James have been a fun diversion. Emma and James live and teach in Vietnam.

The largest diversion was painting the house. All were involved with the project. And, it has been completed. Son Jim who is doing an internship in State College, PA was left out of the project. However, he will get his chance to paint when he returns later this month. The trim is yet to be done.

James and I did segments of the Metacomet Trail during his time here. The last one was from Heublein parking lot to reservoir #6. We also climbed Heublein Tower for the magnificent view that includes New York and Massachusetts.

We dropped Emma and James off for their return trip to Vietnam on Saturday. They are first spending a couple days in NYC where they will be with some of Emma’s friends. Jim will also come to the City from PSU to go with James to a soccer game. Then Emma and James will travel to England for some time with James’ family.

It is just sinking in that Emma will be away for a year. We miss having her around. Jim will return from PSU later this week for a few weeks. Then he will return for his senior year. It is noticeably quieter here. This is a photo of us the evening before Emma and James left. The photo was taken before we set off fireworks left over from the fourth. One failed in a spectacular fashion nearly taking out part of the dock. It sounded like a cannon.

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