Trek to Eyeries

Today we will travel to Ayeries. We will be going to Allihies then over a mountain to the town of Eyeries. The path takes us through the area of copper mines that were active in the eighteenth century. There are no active operations now but there remain many open mine shafts. Some open shafts are hidden by vegetation. Hikers are cautioned to stay on the trail. The sun is predicted to be out most of the day, making today a great day for a walk.

We saw a number of mine entrances and old engine houses.

Once we got away from the mining area we saw a number of great views.

Back in the lower areas we were treated to some very special scenery. We crossed an ancient bridge that spans a creek. The main part of the bridge is now replaced with a new metal footbridge. The photo below is from the lower part of the old bridge.

We noted a stone circle. It was on the map but we had to backtrack some to find it.

Back on the coastline we found a stretch of beach.

Then into the lovely town of Ayeries.

The weather today was great, did not encounter any rain.

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