At the game

We made it to State College in about six hours, ran into a bunch of road work that slowed us up a bit.

Tina and I met up with Jim and some of his friends. I went completely off any thoughtful diet. Had a burger and fries.

Game day. Jim picked us up and took us to a great bagel place. Then took a local bus to the stadium. Got to Beaver Stadium a couple hours before the game. They are playing the Purdue Boiler Makers and it is Homecoming weekend. Tremendous crowds of fans, ninety percent with Penn State garb. I take that back, by a very unscientific count less than one percent do not have Penn State garb.

We got to the stadium and joined one of Jim’s roommates, Max, and his parents for a pre-game tailgate. Great hospitality. They are from Somerset, a short distance from Pittsburgh. There is a bond between anyone who has ever lived in the environs of Pittsburgh. Having lived in Pittsburgh for seventeen years, I truly feel that bond.

The stadium is filled and we have great seats.

Penn State won which made the game all the more fun.

After the game we attended yet another tailgate. This one was with another roommate, Tom, and his family. They are from Texas with deep roots in the Philadelphia area. And deep roots at Penn State. Again, great hospitality.

Some of Jim’s Buddies

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