In Dallas we visited a friend from High School, Sam. I had not seen him for 54 years. Unbelievable visit. It was like we were picking up a conversation from 54 years ago. Sam and I had very different upbringings. We were friends at NMMI. Then lead very different lives. But, we reconnected and remain friends. Meet Sam with his lovely wife, Eileen, was comfortable. The four of us really clicked.

Although Sam and I took divergent paths in life, we have a number of similarities. Neither of us had a completely easy life without challenges, we both returned to our Christian roots, we both sought education (Sam got a PhD so he is much more driven than I), and we both were able to find and marry darned great gals.

Is there something deep to be learned from this reunion? I have been trying to come up with something. The only one is to cherish friendships. They are true treasures.

No photos, what happened??? We either had a collective senior moment or photos were not meant to happen. Or, perhaps this is the take away from the reunion, “expect more senior moments”.