On Our Own

We started our first day on our own with a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West. It is truly an amazing place. Unfortunately, we had a marginal tour guide. We learned more about her than we did about Wright.

Taliesin is a beautiful place in a beautiful setting.


Unlike Falling Water, you can actually set in the Wright designed chairs. This will likely change soon.

I noticed an Indian basket on a shelf that is identical to one we have from my mother’s collection. We use it as a place to dump mail.

Frank doesn’t dump mail in his

After leaving Scottsdale we spent the evening with my cousin in Buckeye. Seeing Pat was great, I had not seen her in years. We had dinner at one golf club and breakfast at another.

In the morning we traveled to Sedona. First impressions were pretty negative. Anticipating rugged unspoiled beauty, we found ourselves in a typical tourist trap. My tourist trap barometer is fudge shops. It reminded me of going to Lake George, NY in the summer.

After a great lunch at a really nice Mexican Restaurant, a short hike in the foothills and finding our hotel much nicer than anticipated, I am dialing back my negative thoughts.

The landscape is beautiful.

The thing that has amazed me most on our first day in Sedona is the dog menu at the restaurant we went to for dinner, incredible. If I go again I want to order from the doggie menu. However, my shrimp and grits were great.

Is steak tartar for a dog decadent?

I believe my impression of Sedona is changing.