“The best layed schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley”

I feel a closeness to Robert Burns, something I find hard to explain. I feel drawn to the unsophisticated wisdom and the beauty of the Scottish dialect. I find few that share this kinship outside of a few native Scotts.

These lines from “To a Mouse” could refer to all members of the Krueger clan this week.

Jim was all set to go to Vietnam as part of a Penn State journalism project. Trip was planned, tickets and visas arranged, project researched. He had arranged to meet Emma in Hi Chi Minh City during the visit. Emma’s travel was arranged and purchased. Then Coronavirus happened. Trip was cancelled two days before travel. I can understand Penn State but the cancellation is disappointing to all.

But things work out. Jim changed his plans and is visiting his friend, Will, who is going to Puget Sound University in Washington State. They plan to go to some of our old haunts in Skagit valley and visit other friends there.

Vietnam is pretty much on lockdown. Schools have been cancelled and are likely to stay closed through March. Emma is stuck with little to do and little cash flow. Plans are in limbo: will schools extend the year into summer or employ some other scheme?

Emma is traveling around Vietnam experiencing more of the country.

Tina and I are in Greenville, SC. We were in Greenville last year and thought it would be a great place to spend some time. The weather has been lousy, the Airbnb is not as expected (small, and a funky kitchen). Feeling a bit trapped in the Airbnb.

But today is beautiful, we have reservations to tour the BMW Factory in Spartanburg and we will be looking at some properties with the great agent we found here, Zane.

At the end of the Burns poem he laments that, being human, he is aware of the past and is aware of his inability to see the future. The mouse he feels is fortunate to live only in the present.

I believe somewhat different. The Krueger’s may have been thrown some curve balls but we are making the best of the situation. We are all counting our blessings.

Well, the cloud lingers – just heard that your realtor, Zane, has the flu. Probably not Coronavirus.

No free samples

Hiked the Swamp Rabbit Trail with friends who had moved to the area.

Kim and Tina

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