Monhegan Island

We made it to Monhegan Island. To get here one has to take a small passenger ferry. The scenery is gorgeous. The boat trip can be an adventure.

Monhegan Island is truly a special place. The vistas are spectacular; the village is like stepping back a hundred years in time. Few autos and no paved roads. I do, however get an impression that the locals would just as soon you send in your money and not show up on the island. Lots of artists here. When we arrived two art classes were in progress at the place we were staying. The landscape is reminesant of Ireland but, without the sheep droppings.

There is a small brewpub on the island, one of the few businesses. There is a lot of concern about a water shortage; which makes me curious as to why a brewery can operate.

One of the great things about doing this blog is that I can write about anything I choose. This morning I am thinking about Jonathan, Tina’s cousin’s son. Jonathan is going in for a scheduled operation today, he is getting a cochlear implant. The age we live in is truly amazing to me. That we have technology to do such wonderful things. Jonathan is one of the fellows that I correspond with regarding investments. He is in the finance business and is quite knowledgeable and insightful. I am confident that Jonathan will come though the procedure with no issues. He is young, healthy and has a fabulous family and extended family for support. He will certainly not lack for prayers. I am hoping for a quick recovery because I am thinking about changing my position in gold. (Tongue in cheek comment, I am not quite that intrusive, at least I hope I am not)

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