First Ski Day

Today I am planning to go to the local ski area for the first time this season. Armed with my senior pass and new skis I wonder how long I will last.

There are new procedures due to Covid-19. They encourage “Chalet” in your car. That means don’t go into the lodge. I am planning to take a folding chair and a gas space heater. I am not convinced that this scheme is going to work. When I picked up my skis from being tuned at the shop at the slope, I did not notice anyone following the procedures. I could be mistaken.

Usual mishaps: forgot my ski poles and was missing one glove. So, two trips in one day. Did have the heater with a new container of gas and a chair, neither were needed. As I go at low volume times there was plenty of room in the lodge to stay more than Covid-19 separated.

The other Covid-19 precautions in place were omnipresent masks and social distancing in the lift lines. Going at a low volume time made it seem normal. I hope to make it to the slope a couple times a week, as long as the snow lasts.

Changed to a better mask later
Seems I have a private hill

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