Continuing Prep

Making a bit of progress for Bataan march. We located the starting position on the Metacomet Trail. The trail appears to be well blazed at that point. I found a trail map on Amazon; REI was of little help. I plan to walk the portion that I have not previously walked some time soon after I get the map from Amazon. I do not want to be lost in the woods the day of the march.

Did about fifteen miles yesterday with my friend Ed. I am not dead so there is a chance of success if I can keep it up.

I also went over the items in my first aid kit, pictured here. Focus on blisters. The metal item is a pair of needle nose tweezers. We have ticks in New England, home of Lyme Disease. This is redundant for anyone reading from the NMMI team as I posted a similar post on the chat site.

If I there is a prize for the most boring blog post in Christandome, I will surely win with this one.

Per suggestions from the team, I am adding ibuprofen. Also suggested was a knife and toenail clippers. I will add these in a separate pocket in the pack. I believe I will also add an antihistamine.

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