Joining the Great Migration

There has been quite an hiatus between my last blog and this one. Having rewritten the first paragraphs of this one a number of times; I have come to the conclusion that I am going through a life transition that is giving me pause. I think that I am now ready to write again.

So, we are starting the process of pulling up our stakes and joining the latest great American migration, blue to red. It is with truly conflicting emotions that I start this process. Connecticut is a magnificent place to live. The landscape is magnificent, the seasons delightful and our circle of friends are interesting, intelligent and close. Family as well. Connecticut has been a wonderful place to have raised our children, great schools, diverse activities and close community. Now our children have  fledged, they  are independent adults living their independent lives. We are now left with a house that is too large, a burden to maintain and has become so severely taxed that it encumbers our lifestyle. We can choose to acquiesce to the confiscatory taxes or pack up our Conestoga wagon and move on. Like so many of our forefathers,in the past, we are taking steps to move.

The move seems to me to be, not an end, but more akin to a continuation of our forefathers migrations; seeking a better life in a new place. I hope that we will not find that the grass is greener on the other side of the mountain because, in the words of a book I am currently reading, it is full of s..t.

After several trips south looking at numerous locations, we decided to take the plunge. So, here we are in Bluffton, South Carolina. A lovely community. There seems to be an endless list of positive things to say about the place:

  • Little snow to shovel
  • Great food
  • Where we live has
    • An amazing pool
    • Top tier golf course
    • Exercise gym with an indoor pool
    • Several good restaurants
    • A friendly community of people
  • The taxes are low
  • The beach close

Is it all wonderful? No:

  • The weather is hot and humid
  • No skiing
  • The stores are not familiar
  • We are not yet oriented as to the best way to get places
  • Our friends are not close at hand

It’s OK to not be familiar with the local merchants when you are on vacation but, it can be unsettling when you realize that this is your town of residence.

It is most unsettling to not have close friends and neighbors that you can call on. Yes, many friends have fled Connecticut and friendships will develop in Bluffton with time. But, in the meantime, I cannot go over to Bob’s and use the pit in his garage to change the oil in my car.

And many other little things come to mind.

  • I don’t know which drawer has the pots
  • What do I have to do to maintain and operate a water softener?
  • What do I do if an alligator chases Sheba?

It will, I believe, take Sheba some time to get familiar with the new smells.

But the worst thing, here we are using a Keurig instead of drip with freshly ground coffee. Not so easily corrected when the coffee roaster is still in Connecticut.

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