And Home Again

On our last day in New Orleans we had not yet decided our route home. We knew that we wanted to spend the morning at the Audubon Park but had no plans beyond that. But, the idea of spending the evening on a beach was appealing.

The Audubon Park is in a beautiful upscale neighborhood with a great walking path, golf course, water views and a multitude of birds.

Audubon Park

A little before noon we start heading back to South Carolina. Initially, as I mentioned above, we were thinking of stopping on a beach. The Florida panhandle is right here, what could be better? However, the weather was cold and windy so we decided to forego the beach. Tallahassee was the next potential stop. Well, we would up traveling all the way back to Bluffton. Probably a good decision as we made it back to our place a little before midnight. It took us right at eleven hours for the trip including rest stops (note that there is a time change in the middle of the Florida panhandle).

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