WOW! Check out what my kids have been up to.

As I merrily make my random posts about mundain stuff I am doing, my children have been doing some pretty remarkable things. The assessment about remarkable just demonstrates that I am a conventional parent. Here I should make a short reintroduction of my children. My daughter, Emma, lives in Vietnam. Emma went to Vietnam to teach after graduating from UCONN. She now teaches and works for a marketing company in Hanoi. She recently married a guy she met in Vietnam, James. James is an expat from England teaching in Vietnam and is also a semipro soccer player (I guess it is called Football in countries outside the USA). My son, also a James, is a recent graduate of Penn State working in the wine industry and recently got a prestigious certification in that industry. Both offspring sent me something to listen to that they had done independent of their primary line of work. I was blown away by what my children had done. will share these here and will go in order of their birth.

Emma does a radio program in Hanoi. The one I will share with you here is an interview she did with her friend, Pearl. We met Pearl when we visited Vietnam a couple years ago. Pearl is a remarkable and fun young woman.

Pearl, Emma (During blonde phase) and Jim

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Jim, has from childhood been interested in the city of Hartford. His interest matured to an exploration of how the city of Hartford went from an historically significant cultural technology and commercial powerhouse to an insignificant wasteland of a city. He researched the issues and developed a podcast of his conclusions. After listening to the first installment of the series, I was completely blown away. This is a truly professional job.

Now Jim has an article in the local online version of the Hartford Courant, has been asked to do a radio interview and has many people reaching out to him.

Bravo and Brava to my kids.

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