As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, Sidmouth is a gem of a town. The population is about twelve thousand, not including tourists. It seems to me that most of the tourists here are English people on holiday. Unlike London where most appeared to be international. The pace here is definitely slower. The exciting thing about today is that we will be able to meet James’parents. Really looking forward to that, I hope they are as well. Today we are enjoying a kickback day after the hustle of the last couple of days. Plus the weather is cooler.

I am starting to notice a lot of small differences. There are few paper products such as paper towels. A loaf of French Bread is called a “French Stick”; I would call it a “Baguette”. I also found a brand of potato chips (crisps) with my grandmother’s name Tyrell. The family name has gone through several spellings over time in the US.

I previously mentioned that the local specialty in Sidmouth is hard cider. The true local stuff is called “Scrumpy”. Evidently the name comes from the fact that it was originally filtered through straw where it picked up various other particles of stuff. So, it looked “Scrumpy”.

We met James’parents for dinner. They are a truly nice couple. We feel blessed that our daughter has such nice in laws.

Meet the Reeves and the Kruegers
Jim Emma James

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