Prep Day

Just to mention it again, the purpose of this trip is to have a celebration of Emma’s and James’ marriage. The celebration is tomorrow but today is the day to get the venue prepared. The event will be at a place called “The Blue Ball Inn” in the town of Sidford. Sidford is just a little over a mile inland from Sidmouth. Along the Side river.

On the way we stopped for “Cream Tea”, a tradition in Devon. This consists of tea and a scone with clotted cream and jam. In Devon the clotted cream goes on the scone first, then the jam. In Cornwall the jam goes on the scone first then the clotted cream. In Devon the practice of jam first is considered to be not at all proper.

On the way to the Blue Ball we went across the Ford at Sid Creek. Why build a bridge if it isn’t necessary

Well, we got to the Blue Ball. It is truly a lovely place and the owners are fantastic and accommodating people. We met the Reeves and had a great time decorating the venue.

Site of Celebration

This evening Tina and I kicked back in the cottage we rented while James, Emma and Jim went out with friends for pizza. The big day is tomorrow.

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