Going Back to CT

This is going to be a morning full of activity. James had to leave for work early so we said our goodbyes last evening. Emma walked Noodle past our hotel this morning so I was able to say goodbye early.

The first to leave for the airport is Jim as he has an earlier flight. We met at our hotel for some breakfast.

The adventure begins. Uber dropped us at the wrong terminal, security went through my bag twice (they didn’t like my aftershave and were concerned about my cork screw). But, we made it to the plane and boarded without further issues.

Beware the duty free store at the Mexico City Airport. Bought a bottle of baking vanilla. It was put in the wrong kind of bag and confused in Atlanta. The flight to Atlanta was great. We met Jim in Atlanta without a hitch (And without vanilla). The flight to Hartford was great. Uber home with a pleasant driver.

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