First Day in Varenna

I want to apologize for yesterday’s blog. It was not very focused. The excuse I have is that I was really travel weary.

It turns out that the place we are staying is a guest house on a large villa overlooking Varenna. It is next to Castello di Vesio, some kind of medieval looking old fort. Waking up this morning was a real throw back in time for me. There were roosters crowing in the chicken coop. The sound took me back to my grandmothers farm in Skagit Valley. On the odd occasion when I would spend the night in uncle Jess’s old room, I would be awakened by Grandma’s roosters.

We may not be far from one of the locations in an historical novel I recently read, “Beneath a Scarlet Sky”. It may be near here that Peno Lella guided groups of Jewish refugees over the mountains to Switzerland in World War II. I will not research this because I don’t want a fact get in the way of a good story.

Vintage Toaster – Must be monitored, or your toast will burn

Although it is a long trek to town, Tina and I made the effort. More fun than taking a cab.

First we went to the castle near our place.

We had a great day and a wonderful lunch.

We had a great first day. Ate dinner in our guest house as there were thunderstorms in the evening.

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