Travel date is looming

I will soon be traveling to Vietnam with Tina and Jim to visit Emma. Time is becoming short and Delta is goofing around with the flight times and connections.

I previously wrote that Vietnam is large in my memory.  It is so significant that I am often not aware that others do not remember it as clearly. There are some 30 years between the Vietnam war and the birth of my children. As a comparison, Vietnam is in time to them what World War I was in time to me. So, I should not be surprised when there is little meaning to younger people, beyond a few paragraphs in a history book.

I am curious about the presentation of the war to the Vietnamese people.  I have read that the “American War” is presented in a very bad light.  After all, the history is written by the victors. I thought of this when I was reflecting on My Lai. As evil as that was, I am now feeling that putting that atrocity front and center in the U. S. conscience was the correct thing to do. I pray that doing so has lessened the possibility of a reoccurrence.  I am curious to see to how like occurrences on the other side are presented, if at all.

No more downers on this trip.  We leave in the morning. Looking forward to seeing Emma, warm weather and a mind expanding experience.

I plan take plenty of photos and will be loading them to this site.  However,  I do not believe I will be able to move them to the gallery that is viewable until I have access to a computer. However, the new WordPress editor may let me add them.  Or, my WordPress savvy daughter may educate me.

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