The three of us, Tina, Jim and I, are on our way. Julia Sauter was so kind as to take us with our luggage to the Hartford train station. Transferred to Metro North at New Haven and on to NYC where we will spend the night. I feel like I am on the Camino again.

Kind of an adventure getting through NYC. Decided to take the train to the airport then shuttle to hotel. Subway was an adventure since we hit the peak rush hour, 5:00 pm. But, made it to the hotel. Now just a shuttle to the airport in the morning. 7:00 am flight; suggestion is that we get there three hours before flight. Ouch!

First leg just about completed, heading into Seattle. Slept most of the way. Tina slept a lot as well. The next leg is the big one to Seoul, Korea.

Middle of the leg to Korea. Grief, this is a long trip. We have a grand visit planned with Emma and I am setting in the lap of luxury on this flight; I should not fuss about the flight. How must a new second lieutenant have felt on this same route to this same country fifty years ago. I am going to see my daughter he was going into harm’s way. No possible comparison.

Passed through the Seoul airport, what a beautiful airport. The kind but methodical people we’re great. Now looking forward to Hanoi.

Made it to Hanoi. Visa processing is cumbersome. Partly my fault for neglecting to get photos. They took them at visa desk, no issue. Emma had a driver for us at the airport. Got to the Airbnb. Nice place but little hot water. Have to remember that we are not in the Hamptons. Sleep tonight and adventure with Emma starts tomorrow.

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