Still in Hanoi

Emma joined us this morning. Although we have started to rebel against museum’s, we did go to the Ho Chi Minh museum. Went to his mosuleum but did not get in as it is closed on Fridays. Uncle Ho seems to be quite the hero here. Scads of buses and lots of tours even though the mosuleum was closed, many were going to the gardens on the same location. The honor guard at the mosuleum was in splendid attire. Honoring Ho Chi Minh here is akin to our honoring George Washington. I was not comfortable taking photos here. I promised no more politics or downers so I will leave it at that.

I get the feeling that this country is breaking into prosperity. Prices are going up and there are a lot of western tourists.

Walked along a lake that had many pagodas. People were out enjoying the great weather. It must be a blessing in Budism to release a captured animal. A couple purchased turtles for their children to release in the lake. Vendors sell snails, turtles or fish to be let go into the water. The parents were more interested than the kids.

Christmas is much in evidence here; however, it is more in the background than in your face as it seems to be at home. Christmas music is in many restaurants and stores. Children have Santa outfits. Emma is doing Christmas activities with her class. Jim attended Emma’s class this afternoon. Emma did have to jump through some hoops to make this happen. This is a very regimented society like many other Asian countries.

We made plans to visit Halong Bay. An overnight on a boat should be fun. I am sure that this will be a very touristy thing, but it will be fun.

One can get really good deals on clothing here. Emma tells me that the low priced merchandise is not knockoff but over production. I bought a North Face jacket for the equivalent of $17. It lists in US for $199.

Have not ventured into the street food much yet. Emma tells me that the street food is famous and great. Perhaps I will get into it tomorrow.

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