Spa treatments

Today was a day to get things done. We did the laundry, and shopped while waiting for the expedited wash to be completed. Later Tina and Emma went for a spa treatment. Jim and I had street food. It was really good, and I did not get sick. Jim got a shave and haircut. I thought it would take maybe half an hour as it is at home. It turned out to be quite a treatment. I suspect that he was not expecting such a production either. The hot towels after the shave took forty minutes.

Tonight we had dinner with Emma and a bunch of her friends. What a great group of young professionals. Pearl is a native Vietnamese educated in England. Pearl has a lovely BBC accent, which was initially a surprise when I first met her. Her grandfather fought in the American war. Davin and Kaylin are Canadian, she is from Toronto, and he is from Vancouver. They are both educators and their love of what they do flows out of them to all. It is truly pleasing to me that Emma has such great friends.

Dinner was at a place that is operated by a guy featured on Top Chef. Pearl chose the menu. It was a highlight of the trip. We must have been interesting patrons because the staff came to the table with Ruou Gao a Vietnamese rice wine to do a traditional toast – Mot, hi, ba, yo! “One, two, three, drink!”

We will then get ready for the trip to Halong Bay.

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