Last Day in Phu Quoc

We are off to the other side of the island today. The hope is that we will not encounter another downpour.

ATM’s are intermittent things here. One will work one day but not the next. I had the guy at the hotel take me to one this morning. There were three in one place. The third one worked on the fourth try. I was getting a little concerned because the restaurant last night didn’t take credit cards due to a power failure earlier. However, it makes me feel like J Paul Getty to pull 1,000,000 out of an ATM machine. Bye the way, there are no coins here.

Opted for a beach on the northwest part of the island at a resort called Gold Coast. We are truly fortunate, the beach is beautiful with white sand and a gentle surf and lined with coconut palms. The mountains of Cambodia can be seen to the northwest.

Emma was weary so she did not join us for dinner. Had pretty much the same fare.

It is easy to see the ugliness here. There is a lot of poverty and squalor. Trash is everywhere. But, there is great beauty as well. The beaches are beautiful the sky is spectacular with cumulus clouds in the distance and the water is clear and blue. The people are friendly happy and hard working.

The wedding next door was still going full blast when we got back to the hotel. Heard that there was a happening regarding the wedding. The music stopped later.

Traveling to Hanoi on another Vietnamese airline. I will be so happy to board a US plane. Boarding a Vietnamese plane is the definition of a cluster. Whats the hurry? the seats are assigned. Have I missed something? Does the first person to reach there seat on each row get a free beer?

Arriving in Hanoi we encountered the coldest weather in ten years. We left 80 degrees in Phu Quoc and landed in 40 degrees in Hanoi.

Jim went for the fitting of his suit when we got back. I think it will really look great on him.

Jim will be able to pick up the suit the day we leave.

Tomorrow we will be taking our last tour. We will go to Nimh Binh.

Tina bought a North Face jacket for the trip, Well, a knockoff like mine. If it lasts the Nimh Binh tour, it will be good. I think it actually looks great.

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