Soon to start two Easters

It’s Saturday and we leave Monday. We had the floors sanded and urethaned, the house is upside down. The furniture getting back into place, which pleases Tina. Dust everywhere from the sanding. The odor of the urethane makes habitation an issue. But, we are starting to prep for the trip.

We have some Euros, tickets and passports. Dog will be groomed and we aresoon to start packing.

We are leaving some great spring weather here. It is said that spring in New England is as near to Eden as you can get.

Sunday evening and we are packed and ready. Well, we say that we are ready. Tina has been working like a Mad Woman getting a handle on the dust from the floor job. Looks great now.

First stop will be Ireland, the Emerald Isle. I have never been to Ireland nor the U.K. Anticipating a lot of green. I recall the only advice that my father’s stepfather gave me. Charlie was a hard man. He had been a teamster in the Klondike during the Gold Rush. The advice was “stay away from the Irish”. Looking back on my life, I should have heeded that pearl of wisdom.

The other thought about Ireland that I recall is a ditty that was taught to me by Ray Rhoades. Ray was a trader on the Navajo reservation. I knew Ray when I was in the Air Force in New Mexico. It goes:

“Ireland was Ireland when England was a pup,

“And, Ireland will be Ireland when England’s time is up

“So, if ya don’t like me Blarney and ya don’t like me sass,

“You can bend down and kiss my wild Irish… Rose”

I don’t think Ray had any other Irish thoughts. He was dyed in the wool Cajan from Louisiana. Ray was also the only white trader on the reservation that I knew who was liked and respected by the native Americans. Maybe because the feeling were mutual.

Well, we are on our way. Julia Sauter gave us a ride to the airport. Hugh lines so it was good that we are early.

Tina and I will be celebrating our anniversary in Dublin. 25 Years.

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