First Day – Dublin

Made it to Dublin at 5:05 am and proceeded to make a classic mistake. We went to the hotel and slept. Now acclimating to the time change will take another day. Hotel is great. The Iveagh, they let us check in at 6:00 am.

Went to the Trinity University, the location of the Book of Kells. Quite a line to get in but was able to get tickets for the afternoon. In the meantime we stopped for a small lunch at a place recommend be our neighbor, Julia. The Pigs Ear. Had a great meal.

We we then saw the Book of Kells. Dates from about AD 800 and is said to be one of Ireland’s greatest treasures. Even more interesting, I thought, was the Long Hall.

We also visited the park that was in full spring Bloom.

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary.

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