I am not a hat guy. Like my father, l am not partial to wearing them. In the back reaches of my mind I believe they lead to premature baldness. But, I need to wear one on these long pilgrimages.

I like a particular style of baseball cap known as a “Dad” Hat. I like the way that the bill can be made to curl around the eyes and protect from afternoon sun. Mostly I like the look. If you Google it, you will note that a “Dad” Hat is supposed to be über preppy. Maybe that is why I like them. I am shying away from broad brimmed hiking hats, definitely a superior choice. I think they look like something an old guy would wear. But I am an Old Guy.

I was originally drawn to this style of hat by Andrew, a client and great guy. Andrew was the lead guy at an oil refinery I did a job at in my working days. I decided to have special hats made for my crew and the client. Andrew requested this style because it kept his head warm. And, I think they look pretty nifty. I have been wearing them since then.

The hat I am planning to take to Ireland is the same one that I used on the Camino Portuguese. The Washington Capitols cap. I was going to wear a “MAGA” hat but was advised against it. I my mind’s eye I could see pilgrims with pitch forks. So I chose the Capitals hat. I got it from Ted Leonsis himself.

So I will pack the Capitals hat.

Should I clean it first? A soiled cap denotes a hard working rugged guy. But, I will be having my luggage transferred from B+B to B+B in Ireland. Nothing rugged about that. I will clean it. Besides, Tina will not let me out of the house with a scroungy hat.

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