Launch Day

Well, departure day is here. Would really rather be going with Tina but, this will give her some quality time with her relatives.

Jim is an Uber driver so he will Uber Bob and I for our afternoon flight from Bradley. The direct flight to Dublin is really a great way to go. Since I have luggage for this trip I seem to be packing more stuff. Rain gear is taking more space as well as an extra pair of shoes. I need to save some space for the Irish sweater that I would like to bring back to Tina.

Made it to the flight and Bob and I are on our way.

Flight to Dublin was uneventful. Arrived in Dublin about 5:00 am local time. The bus to Cork leaves from the airport. The express bus is comfortable with few passengers. Good chance to get some sleep.

Ireland is rightly called the Emerald Isle. Everything is shades of green. The trip to Cork reminds me of Skagit Valley. Lush farmlands but no Cascade Mountains.

Had lunch in Cork waiting for the bus to Glengarriff.

Bus to Glengarriff is a local, lots of stops. Good looking green farmlands. Glengarriff is a picturesque small town.

Will crash tonight and get hiking in the morning.

This is a scene from behind our B+B.

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