Day 2

I am starting each day with a yoga routine. I believe this helped me yesterday so I will do it again today. Having had a good stretch in the morning makes me feel better through the day.

This was a tough day on the trail. The first part of the day was lot of uphill on marginal terrain, lots of rocks, slippery moss and deep mud. The hills seem to never end.

But it is beautiful. The people are great and the food good. Accomodations are really nice.

Fuchsias are native here and prolific. I recall that when my family moved to Eureka, California when I was a lad that fuchsias were also prolific. My mother gathered the berries that formed behind the flowers and made an exquisite jelly. Fuchsia jelly was a local item that I have not seen since.

Bob and I had dinner at a place called Murphy’s. It was great. Many establishments have the name Murphy’s here. When we first arrived we were told that that we had to wait until after 8 to get a table. So we went to MacCarthy’s Bar. It turns out that this is a place made famous by a book by the same name. We should go back and replicate the jacket cover of the book in a photo. We will need to find a nun drinking Guinness to be accurate, however.

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