Bere Island

Today we went to Bere Island. A short ferry ride from Castletownbere. The weather today is the best we have had. This day was truly a blessing. We hiked around about half the island.

First we went to the lighthouse on the north end of the island. These views alone were worth the trip to Ireland.

We next hiked to the ruins of a signal tower that was built at the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars. Again spectacular views.

At the signal tower were sheep (always sheep) and a horse that got really interested in Bob.

In the evening, after dinner, we went to a pub that had local amateur folk music. This experience was like something from a movie. Some of the old guys there were in tears during the old Irish ballads. We left early as we have a lot of miles to cover tomorrow.

This is a photo that Bob took that is especially good.

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