To the tip of the Bere

Today we trek to the end of the Beara Peninsula, Dursey Point. At the end is the only cable car in Ireland that goes over open ocean. It goes to Dursey Island. I understand that we are fortunate in that the cable car no longer transports sheep. None the less, I believe it will be a unique experience even without the sheep.

We hiked the coastal paths to Dursey Point. The coastal are longer but the views are great.

We also hiked to the top of a hill that was an extra five kilometers. The views were some of the most beautiful of the day.

At the top of the hill there is an old lookout post.

The coastline is truly beautiful.

This day was actually not a particularly long day. Although we did include the extra five kilometers.

We had dinner at the B+B because there are no restaurants or pubs here. After dinner we had great convsations with fellow hikers. There was a mother and daughter from Switzerland and a couple, the fellow was English and his girlfriend was an American who spent her life living in Paris.

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