Last day and completion

Today we are going to complete the Beara Way. We will be hiking from Lauragh to Glengarriff. We will be going over the Caha Pass.

The completion of the Beara is quite an accomplishment for two guys in their 70’s. I an very gratified that Bob asked me to join him. This was a very meaningful journey for him. And, it has been a wonderful adventure for me.

The views should be great; however, I don’t believe they could be better than what we have seen to date.

The last day from Kenmare to Glengarriff appeared to be a daunting hike on the map. Large elevation change and steep path into Glengarriff. In reality it was not so bad as the path follows an abandon road. There was little mud. We did get off the path at one point. However, like the other times when we took a diversion, it proved to be a good thing. We saw some fun things along the way that we would have missed had we been rigid in our plans. We saw the Molly Gallivans house. Molly was famous for making what we would call bootleg whiskey. Now it’s a touristy place but fun and interesting.

We then had to go across a valley to get back on the trail. Encountered this neat footbridge. Entrance was a “V” shape, probably to keep sheep off.

Got back on the trail that followed the ancient abandoned road that went over a high pass. The Caha Pass.

Saw some deer.

And we made it all the way back to Glengarriff.

Today we did about 20 kilometers in all today.

To celebrate we went to dinner then had a Jameson at a traditional pub with local music group.

Back to the starting point.

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