Post hike thoughts

I have been having some thoughts about the Beara Way and my time trekking.

  • Ireland is a beautiful country with a rich history and wonderful population. It is well worth a visit.
  • The Beara Way is not a casual hike. There are some, there are some challenging parts. The weather is agreeable but as the locals remind us “this is Ireland, it rains”. One needs to be prepared for rain and associated mud, sometimes unexpectedly deep.
  • If you are going to hike long distances, invest in good footwear and have them fitted to your feet by an expert.
  • While hiking, if there is a side trail or a point of interest off your route, take it. Side trips can be the best part of the hike.
  • You are not too old to do this.
  • Talk to people along the way. But, if someone doesn’t want to talk, let them be.

As I looked over the thoughts above, they sounded to me that they are about life as much as they are about walking.

  • God’s creation is beautiful.
  • Life is not always easy
  • Prepare yourself for life. Get education. Train your body
  • Take risks
  • Accept challenges as long as you are on the green side of the grass.
  • Enjoy people

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