Did the March

Anything that I post after announcing Emma’s engagement will certainly pale in comparison. But, other things do happen. One of those other things is that I did manage to complete the Bataan Memorial Death March.

Previously Jim accompanied me on a training hike. My friend Ed did as well on another day. The day I elected to do the march Jim was ill and Ed was working. Tina was able to join me for the last 9 miles of the march. I amazed myself by completing it, all 26.2 miles.

Not great stats but I wasn’t skunked

Last night I received a call from the fellow who organized our alumni team. They will start organizing the next march in about six weeks. This time it will not be virtual but at the White Sands Missile Range. I am giving consideration to, God willing, do this again. A couple caveats: first I will need to persuade Tina to join me as a part of the support team and, second I will not do the 26.2 miles, 14.2 is plenty.

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