New Adventure

Tina and I are on our way to Winter Park, FL. Will be visiting some friends there then drive to St Augustine, St. Simons, Bluffton, then to Columbia, MD for a wedding shower.

This time we are taking the train to Florida. Hopefully this will be a fun experience. Our thinking is that this means will be less Covid-19 intensive. We can get a roomette from Washington DC to Winter Park. I was getting fenster about getting to the train. CT rail will not get us to New Haven in time to meet the Acela. Parking is truly pricy and Uber is scarce since drivers can make more by not driving. So we Limoed, it was fun and the driver was a really great guy.

The Acela really kicks it going through New Jersey. We will be in DC about 1:00 pm. Not much to look at though, just people’s back yards and junk yards. We do have to wear our masks for this part of the trip.

We made it to Washington DC. We boarded in New Haven at 8:45 and arrived DC at ¹:10. Waiting for the overnight train to board. I remember Union Station as a pretty grand place. It no longer is. The culprit may be Covid-19.

On the way to Winter Park. The roomette is surprisingly nice. We had dinner in our compartment. Food was OK, not anything worse than airline food. And, you have someone to bring it to you. The attendant just set up the compartment for sleeping. Kind of like the trip to Hanoi. Small bed, a lot of vibration. But, Wifi works. Well, it works sometimes.

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