Montgomery and Biloxi

On our way to New Orleans we made a stop in Montgomery, AL. It was quite a notable city during the civil rights era of the 60’s. The city was a bit threadbare and sad. We stopped at MLK’s church, his parsonage and the state capitol. We also drove past the first CSA White House. We had previously visited the CSA White House in Richmond, VA. Don’t be mistaken, we have no allegiance to the CSA. My great grandfather fought for the North. But, historically interesting. Unfortunately, nothing was open for a tour. Covid and the fact that we are here on a Monday prevented any tours.

For me the most meaningful part of the visit to Montgomery was seeing the Dexter Ave. church and MLK parsonage.

Then we traveled to Biloxi to spend the night. Did not expect what we encountered in Biloxi. It is like a seaside version of Las Vegas. Casino after casino. I am not attracted to casinos, neither is Tina. Fortunately our hotel was a bit away from the casinos and on the beach. The beach is absolutely beautiful. Remarkably white sand. Went to a “beachy” place for dinner. Witnessed a remarkable sunset.


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