On to The Big Easy

Miles of great Beaches

Before leaving Biloxi we spent some time on the beach. Beautiful sand and few people since this is the off season. Stopped at an oyster place and had some really great local fare. Cajun oysters. I don’t believe raw oysters are the thing here. And, that is a good thing since I don’t do raw any more. It is interesting to me that eating oyster without cooking is not a thing near where they are harvested. In Washington State we wouldn’t think of eating them raw.

Went through a really nice small town named Pass Christian. Had a Vietnamese coffee and a Kings scone.

Made it to the Big Easy. Happened into a small place for a quick dinner. It turned out that there was a Jazz group setting up when we got there. The drummer was Wynton Marsalis’ brother, Jason. Truly accomplished in his own right. What a wonderful evening.

Peter Harris Trio

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