First Day in the Big Easy

Upon first arriving in New Orleans I admit that I was a bit apprehensive. Many years after Katrina there are still signs of the damage the hurricane. Some business properties are still boarded up and blue plastic still covers some roofs. There is also a homeless issue; however, I believe this is an issue that predates any weather event. Using a ticket app in an unfamiliar city is a challenge. Fortunately all the trolly and bus drivers are helpful and accommodating. So, we did manage to get around. It is interesting how once a system is familiar, like the trolley app, a place becomes familiar and accessable.

We first ventured out for a breakfast of Beginets and Cafe au Lait. Interesting but give me Croissant and an Expresso.

We next explored the French Quarter where Tina and I found some very interesting shops. We did go to Bourbon Street but spent most of our time on Royal, one street over. The architecture in this part of the city is what we associate with New Orleans.

In the late afternoon we strolled through part of the Lower Garden District. Had a great early dinner at a really nice outdoor restaurant where we chatted with a couple who were lifelong residents.

Preparations for Mardi Gras are evident. NOLA has become familiar enough that the city has become truly enjoyable. Tina came to this comfort long before I did.

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