Preamble to the Next Adventure

As I had previously posted, our daughter, Emma, got married while in Vietnam. Due to Covid we were not able to celebrate the event with her in Southeast Asia. To correct that, all of us (Tina, Bill, Emma and Jim) will be traveling to England, Emma’s husband, James’ home county. In England we will host a celebration for family and friends. This will be an opportunity for the rest of us to meet James’ family, something Tina and I are looking forward to. The logistics are a Gordian’s Knot of activities. Last week Emma came to the US with their dog, Noodle. Emma could get to the US with Noodle but not to England then to the US with Noodle. The tangled web of travel plans to get everyone to England and back is something I am not going to attempt to describe.

Emma Jim + Noodle

This afternoon, thinking that all was ready, I checked the Delta App on my phone. Flight cancelled. we were rebooked on different flights to England. After three hours on the phone we managed to get on the same flight. Sans Comfort Class and sans direct flight.

As the adventure progresses, I will be posting photos and descriptions of the proceedings.

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