The Adventure Begins

Last minute haircut but made it to the bus. Emma, Athena and I are on our way.

Peter Pan got us to Boston. And the silver line got us to Logan. Had a small snack and got on the first air leg. Flying to Atlanta to catch a flight to London seems like going the wrong way. Even if you look at the spherical geometry, it’s the wrong way.

Made it to Atlanta and are on the plane to London. As we were leaving the plane inbound to Atlanta, the pilot asked where we were heading. When I said London, he said “I hope you didn’t check any baggage”. I hope he was making a joke regarding the recent baggage problems at Heathrow. Needless to say, I am now in a state of concern about luggage.

Made it to London. Baggage arrived without a hitch. Figured out the tube (subway) to our lodgings.

First day in London we set out to see some sights.

Proof that we are in London
Eagle – Eye

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