Without Emma, Tina and I are on our own today. This will be our last full day to explore London. On the agenda are Harrod’s and Knitting Hill. Emma’s friend, Alex, suggested Knitting Hill and it sounds like a fun area to explore. We also spoke about going to the Tower of London. Looking forward to meeting Jim tomorrow morning. Spoke with him last night; he is ready to go. He will meet us at at our Airbnb upon his arrival. Really hope he will get a better sleep on the plane than I did.

Tina and I seem to be starting a tradition: visiting major European capital cities on days of record high temperatures. We caught Madrid at 104°F and now London at 100°F.

A long hot day today. First we went to Harrod’s. Had a small breakfast and picked up some things for a lunch in Kensington Park. Food was excellent. Should be for the price they charge. We then went to Kensington Park, ate our lunch, visited the Dianna water park and saw where Wills and Kate live.

Calling on Wills and Kate at Kensington Palace

Heat is beginning to impact the trip in a number of ways. Restaurants and Pubs are closing their kitchens because of the heat; trains are going to be cancelled tomorrow because of the heat. Announcements are being made to restrict travel to necessary only due to transport cancellations. Never a dull moment in the Krueger household.

Did I mention that there is very little air conditioning in London?

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