Sunday in London

We all slept like logs last night. After a great meal at a nearby Lebanese restaurant we all passed out for the night. This morning Emma and I found a nearby French bakery. Yes, I do mostly talk about food.

Tina and Emma indulged me. We went to the National Gallery, London, and saw the three Caravaggio’s that they have here. I believe I should start a list of the Caravaggio’s that I have seen.

Supper at Emmaus

Also saw Hogarth’s “Marriage A-la-Mode”, a series of paintings I have wanted to see since college. We also saw a number of impressionists. We met one of Emma’s friends from Vietnam at the gallery cafe and had a great time chatting with her.

Emma + Alex

We next ventured to the opposite side of the Thames and had a great lunch at the roof cafe of the OXO building.

Atop OXO

Emma traveled to Devon to meet her husband this afternoon. Although we were sorry to see her go, it is certainly good to meet James after having been apart for a while.

We finished the day by having a traditional English roast dinner per Emma’s suggestion. We went to a neighborhood pub near our Air B + B.

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