On to a New Adventure

Soon we will be off to a new adventure. We will be meeting Emma and her husband, James, at their new home in Mexico City. Son James will meet us there and travel back to Connecticut with us at the end of our visit. Looking forward to seeing Emma and James, seeing some of the archaeological sites, and sampling some great food.

One downside is that the US State Department has warned travelers to rethink their travel to Mexico in light of some recent attacks on US citizens at border states. Emma says that we should be OK. Additionally we will attempt to avoid doing anything stupid.

This is a couple days after I wrote the paragraphs above. Ready to go: pesos received from the bank, passports in hand, bags packed, checked in for the flight and an Uber reserved for the morning.

Jim is already in Mexico City having flown there from LAX. Jim was visiting Penn State friends for a few days. He told me about the flight; the worst he has ever had. Midnight flight that was an hour late, cramped seating and high temperature. My hope is that we do not have a similar adventure. I have paid my dues for the bad flight club.

But, It sounds like Jim is having a great time with Emma, James and Noodle

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