Estamos en Camino a Mexico

Well we managed to get up early, the Uber driver “Krishna” was on time and we made it to the airport.

On the first leg of the journey. Air travel certainly hasn’t improved over the years. A pretty scruffy bunch of people in the airport and on the plane. My observation is probably highly influenced by my age. It is certainly a fact that I don’t miss being in an airplane most every week as was the case when I was working. However, all that being said, the seat is comfortable, leg space good and there is some nice jazz on the entertainment system.

Flight to Atlanta was packed and the one to Mexico City is overbooked. Airlines must be doing well.

We made it to Mexico City, Emma met us at the airport and we had a long Uber to the hotel.

Had dinner with Jim and Emma. Staying with Mexican food. This was a seafood place – really good.

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