Time to Get Ready for the Next Adventure

Tomorrow Tina and I start our next adventure. Traveling to meet Jim in Italy. We are in a whirlwind of activity around the sale of CT house so the trip to Italy crept up on me. It will be great to get away for a while before we have to get real about packing. Lots of preliminaries are set but, I am sure it will be quite a flurry when we get back. I told a neighbor to call the fire department if he sees smoke and, if he sees furniture being stolen, stay quiet – less to pack.

Now we are at the day of departure. Last minute things go in the bags, pajamas, first aid kit – take out the after shave because the last one was confiscated by security in Mexico City.

Check the train schedule out of Hartford. Don’t forget the security belt for credit cards and passport – I still remember being pick pocketed in Athens. Get rid of parrishables in refrigerator – don’t want to come back to a rotting mess.

We are on our way

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