First Day

Using my patented means to get to JFK: CT Rail to New Haven, Metro North to Grand Central, LIRR to Jamaica, Air Tran to terminal. Yes, a lot of stops but what an adventure. We are currently in the Hartford train station, I will report along the way.

To New Haven $4.00 senior discount.

Six people in the car plus the conductor. Two of the passengers are obviously nuts. That’s thirty percent.

To Grand Central: $11.75 senior discount off peak. No crazy people – what fun is that?

We are certainly creatures of habit. We came to the same Italian restaurant in Grand Central that we always go to, Prova Pizza. Familiar and good.

New LIRR terminal at Grand Central. On our way to Jamaica Station – $5.25.

New LIRR Station

Made it to our terminal Air Train $8.50 + $1.00 for a Metro Card. Looks like this is an oversold flight – they are offering $2,000 and a guaranteed seat tomorrow. Tempting

Looks like they got takers for the delay $2,200 per ticket. Tempting but it would probably cost that much for an extra day in Manhattan.

In route, will try to get some sleep – 7 1/2 hour flight.

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